The Latest in Online Order & Order Management Software.

A simple, but effective, solution for single and multi-site operations...

Contacting multiple suppliers for prices, copy invoices, latest offers and placing orders is a required but time
consuming and costly exersise. Not any more... by utilising the latest in online order and order management
software - making unecessary contact with your suppliers is a thing of the past.

We can give you the power to manage ALL of your accounts in one simple online solution - or handheld device.
Our competition say they can do the same, go see them, then come back and be delighted that you did come back...

Head Office benefits include:

>    Being more environmentally friendly with online invoicing.
>    Ensuring all invoices are correct by signing off deliveries with our Goods In handheld.
>    Reducing product substitution.
>    Controlling the products your chef's and outlets can order.
>    Reducing administration costs by exporting invoices directly into your accounts package

Chef's and Outlets benefit from:

>    Improved recipe cost management with live pricing.
    >    Managing own standing orders.
    >    Copying previous orders.
    >    Building reusable lists.

    Our ordering system works with all suppliers using 'Supplier v3'  as their main order processing system.
    Sign up to our members area and we can help you find suppliers currently using the system and who are
    ready to take your order.

    If want to keep your existing suppliers, they can upgrade their system and utilise all the benfits of Supplier v3
    or implement our basic 'Supplier Lite' version to receive your orders.

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