Electronic HACCP

Maintaining the paperwork required to keep the local EHO and government happy is job in itself, and are you starting
to notice more blanks than data in your records?

By installing our electronic HACCP compliance system, we can help you minimise the use of paper and manage
by exception. This system provides you with not just a Fridge and Freezer temperature recording and alert system,
but a complete solution that gives you the ability to electronically record a wide range of data to ensure you comply
with all your HACCP and Food Safety monitoring requirements.

Suitable for All.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, our electronic HACCP and food safety monitoring solution
has been designed to adjust and fit with your processes, enabling it to meet your HACCP and food safety monitoring
requirements, operational needs and business budget.

Manage by Exception.

There is no longer the need to go through reams of paper to ensure you are fulfilling your requirements.
With the ability to choose which type of alerts you require, such as power failure, temperature out of limits, or
unrecorded tasks and also specify how and when you receive these alerts, allows you and your key
personnel to completely manage by exception.

Manage Multiple Locations, Centrally.

Managing the HACCP monitoring of several sites, especially remote or even franchised sites, can be
extremely difficult and potentially worrying for head office or the brand owner should an incident occur.

Using our Electronic HACCP monitoring solution will make all of this a thing of the past. All recorded data
is automatically uploaded to our secure webservers, and with your unique username and password, you can
view all the data of any of your locations via any Internet-enabled computer.

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of unecessary paperwork.

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